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We said we’d be adding more Contributors to the site and here’s another brilliant hairdresser to share their adventures. Rod Anker is an Australian abroad, he is currently in the position of Creative Director for Kim Robinson Salon for India. Just a year ago he was doing his thing in Melbourne. Now his life is a precession of WOW! moments. Rod will be posting here on  regular basis to share his amazing hairdressing adventures… CarlK

Well it’s been an amazing journey in the past 8 months, some times I pinch myself to see if in fact I am still alive or not dreaming.

Now settled in Delhi, India in my own apartment which I must say I am very happy with, the obvious trimmings are slowly coming such as paintings, rugs etc to make it yours but it comes fully furnished and all the things you need are already there. I was adamant not to hire a maid or helper but I have fallen into the trap as it makes my life smoother and in so many ways assists me to fit more into the days. Having someone cook, clean and shop for you is amazing and its every now and then when she will show me a picture of an amazing recipe ( usually Thai ) that I again have to smile and say ” Sure that looks great!” She is fantastic.

I have bought a Jeep and had it done up and painted black, I am so happy with it and even though it may look in Australian standards as some friends back home say like a bomb, its funny when I drive it anywhere I always get looks and have people waiting by the car on my return admiring it. Getting around on a daily basis is so easy here, my apartment is only about 5 minutes from the Hotel, stopping over at the Oberoi for dinner or going out for lunch on a Sunday is easy. Apart from the lack of road rules, once you adjust to it you actually understand it, simply use your horn and go in the direction you want. It will be challenging when I do return to Australia for a visit to keep within my lane and have to look at a speedo!

The Salon has opened and is slowly becoming the ” place to be” including the place to say you have been and I hear all the time that everyone, even people who have not been in are saying they have. Having had politicians, singers, authors, news readers, Ceo’s, of course Bollywood actors and some incredible influential people within the Indian circles come and have become regular guests and friends within the salon. We opened in late March, opening any salon is a challenge and especially in the recent financial situation India has also its own unique hurdles.

 To date we have had a 14 page editorial for Harpers Bizzare, a feature article in Vogue on myself, front cover of India Spice magazine-including a 5 page editorial, four page editorial in Hi-Blitz magazine, showcased and written up in every local and National Newspaper in India. I have done fashion forecasting for Vogue, Elle and various local publications. So in short there is a lot of attention on us and it is an exciting place to be.

The Salon is fitted out like the other kimrobinson salons with nothing left to chance or nothing left to be completed at a later stage. The hand carved 7 foot stone statues at either end of the corridor are amazing! The work far surpasses the beautiful fit out or the award winning design by Terry Hill with the rest of the Aman resorts properties which are in fact the most exclusive properties in the world, with over 20 resorts throughout the world I am so honoured to be within the Aman and kimrobinson family! Service has been given a new meaning here for me since joining Aman resorts and there ethos is all about peace and respect, so I not only feel at home here I feel like it was meant to be.

Looking back at my time in Australia I struggle with the memory of what I stood for and who I was in regards to work, the small town mentality that was my world. The world were I was content with a few overseas educational excursions a year and some photo competitions, of which I loved. I now have the end result of years of hard work and can see that the years ahead are going to have there own challenges and there own peaks and troughs .

What I do know is that I have made the decision to come to India and develop the kimrobinson brand and that is exactly what I will do. I am here for the long hall. If anyone wants to talk about making a move also please don’t hesitate, I have said it before- this is an opportunity to change your life!

Heading back in three weeks to stock up on vegemite and see the family, see you soon!

Take care…Rod


Born in Victoria Australia, Rod started his career in hairdressing in 1986 and soon after was nominated apprentice of the year. Learning the craft from the leaders in the industry over the following years before opening his own Salon.

Establishing a second salon his presence grew rapidly over the next several years. In 1997 Rod begun managing a well respected group within Australia.

The next decade Rod managed the Salons and educated the Industry both in Australia and throughout Asia, doing workshops and seminars. Having earnt a reputation within the Industry and had become a regular in various fashion magazines in Australia and the UK.

Some of his achievements have been Top 10 stylists Internationally, Australian Winner multiple times for various Industry competitions, having been published in numerous Australian and International fashion magazines as well as being continually sought after by high profile and celebrity clientele

Joining the kimrobinson team in 2008 as Creative Director Rod worked extensively with Kim in Hong Kong and also Singapore. Having recently returned from Aman Summer Palace in Beijing launching kimrobinson, he is now in New Delhi to launch the kimrobinson salon at Aman.

He is passionate about hair and making people feel and look beautiful, it is what brings him the greatest joy!

“Being  in India to bring something very special to Delhi is very exciting he says”!

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    Great first installment Rod. I still can’t believe your story either – amazing year you’ve had!

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    sounds very exciting!

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